Just moved into the dorms for my last year at CCAD!

What happened to July?!
Anonymous asked:
i wanted to let you know that your art style is really cool and inspires me a lot! thank you for doing what you do

Aww, thank you so much! It keeps me going knowing that all of you like my stuff. c:

Anonymous asked:
can i ask what poultrygeist is/is about?

Yes! It’s about two girls who get into a mess of trouble with ghosts and demons. I’m currently working on a screenplay that I started a couple years ago in school and am now trying to get it to a finished story.

I post all my drawings related to it in my Poultrygeist tag, and once I get the script finished I hope to turn it into a full fledged comic… which is why I’m working on all my character designs right now. :)

Working on a demon design.

Lilo and stitch ;)
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